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Head Office:
Jabotinski 35 Street,
(The Twins Tower 2)
Ramat Gan
Tel. 03-6120255
Fax. 03-6120244


A. Haimovich is a Private Investigations company, specializing in the field of commercial and fiscal investigations as well as in the private field investigations, since 1991.
Heading the company is Alex Haimovich, in his past a commander of a unique infantry unit in the IDF and heading a team in the Tailing Department and serving as an investigator in the Homicide Department of the Israeli Police prestigious Tel-Aviv Central Squad.

The company staff includes professional, well trained, experienced and reliable investigators.
The investigators specialize in various fields, tailings and observations, commercial and intellectual property investigations.
Each field requires different skills and specialization.
All our investigators are authorized by the Israeli Ministry of Justice.

Our offices are located in the  "BURSA" area,  in Ramat-Gan.

Amongst our clients are most of the Israeli market financial institutes, governmental institutes, local and foreign law firms, corporations, municipalities and private clients